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VR Porn

Some people will try to rain on your parade. They always find a negative thing to say about the things you love. Well, there are some negative Nancys trying to rain on the VR porn parade, but is there really a downside to VR porn? The real answer is no and here’s why.

Some technologists worry that more people will view virtual reality porn experiences as cheating, even if they don’t view regular porn as cheating. Well, that is not a problem for a technologist to define. Each relationship’s participants can decide together what their own boundaries for a relationship are. Most people would not think that watching VR porn is cheating at all. They would probably consider it a healthy outlet for excess sexual energy or maybe even something fun to bring into the bedroom to enhance a couple’s sex life.

Other’s worry that some people might try things in virtual reality that they would not try in real life. How is that a bad thing? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to try a fetish without having any real world risk? Wouldn’t it be great to a kinky role play without the embarrassment of having to expose your darkest fantasy to your real life lover before you are ready? Virtual reality porn is primed for this experience.

Still others worry that since VR porn is so perfect, it could replace the real thing. Let’s be real, VR porn is good - amazing even - but nothing is going to truly replace a warm body next to you at night. Sure you might end up fucking less and watching VR porn, but there are other things involved in being in a relationship that you just can’t get from VR porn that will never change. VR porn is good for you and is part of a healthy sexual exploration!

Steam to Sell VR Porn Games

Most mainstream gaming and video platforms eschew adult content for a few reasons. They worry that people who are offended by such content will not frequent their platforms anymore, and they also worry that the content will be so controversial that it will affect their business. However, one of the most popular gaming platforms has decided they will allow adult content. Steam is one of the essential memberships that most gamers must have if they want online access to the hottest games.

The decision came after a controversial game on another topic was removed from the platform. The owners of Steam decided they no longer wanted to police content, they just wanted to allow almost anything and have customers decide whether or not they want the game. That is what led to the decision to allow adult content. “If you’re a player, we shouldn’t be choosing for you what content you can or can’t buy,” a representative from the company said online.

The decision is really going to help out VR porn companies many of which have had to wait in the shadows for the right opportunity to be found by the people who would love to watch them.

Now the Steam store is only going to officially ban content that is for sure illegal, but they will build some filtering tools to help their customers filter out the type of content they do not want to see, including age filtering. Most people think this is a great decision. First of all, you can’t please everyone all of the time, and second, there are only a small percentage of people out there who would truly object to this type of sensible plan. So, are you ready to get your VR gaming on through this open minded platform?

Do you want to look as good as your favorite pornstars do in virtual reality? Well, you can if you use a virtual reality fitness app. Here are some of the top choices for fans of virtual reality in general.

VR Fitness

1. VR Fitness

The game’s name says it all. VR Fitness is the Steam store’s fitness game for your VR headset. Enemies come at you from different angles. You have to use your fitness skills to beat them and vanquish the evil forces. The game gets you excited about moving your body in order to win the game. The fitness comes in because it quickly turns into a pretty decent cardio workout!

Holo Dance

2. Holodance

Remember the weight-loss stories that came out with the game Dance Dance Revolution? Holodance might be one of the things that could have a similar result. Follow the dance moves to the rhythm which require plenty of hits, kicks and more. The music library is great - it comes with plenty of songs in the game but users can also create their own beatmaps to their favorite tunes if they feel up to it.

Black Box VR

3. Black Box VR

This one puts a VR headset in conjunction with real life gym equipment. The headset works with a cable machine for different exercises. The VR program makes working out a breeze because you can play as a character and level up by completing workouts. The game also tries to help you find your inner strength by immersing you into intense situations that may make your training even better.

Now you’re ready to get that pornstar body you’ve always wanted. You can use your VR headset both for watching hot porn movies and to get in shape with these exciting programs.

The only human-eye resolution headset. Varjo.com

One Finnish startup called Varjo has a new vision for virtual reality headsets. They believe they can be better than just 4K resolution. They want to bring the public headsets that look just like something you would see with your naked eye, and they have succeeded. Their headset is called VR-1 and it costs only $6,000. This headset has a resolution of 60 pixels per degree, which is equal to your actual eye. While it would be amazing to use this technology to view porn or other sexy materials, this headset is actually being marketed more so in the professional realm. It will likely be used by people in professions like architecture or engineering to get realistic views of their future works.

This might be the most expensive headset around, but for those who demand the top quality possible, it will definitely be worth it. And hey, if you get it for work purposes that doesn’t mean you can’t watch porn on it too!

Virtual reality in architecture has some promising applications. There are already several ways it is being used in the field. Having such a high quality and high tech headset will only make these methods even better and more effective. As of right now, there are already virtual reality 3D CAD programs to help architects build in what seems like real space. Product designers can also use VR to test large products that would take a lot of time and resources to build mock ups of. There is even a team in the UK working on touchable holograms with haptic feedback, which could allow those in this field to feel what they are building in addition to seeing it in their headsets. Would you get this $6k headset?